Frequently Asked Questions.


What do I receive in each package?

Each StyleParcel includes 1, 2 or 3 styled looks, depending on your subscription level. Each look will have an outfit and accessory to go with it! Your outfit could be a dress, a top and pants, or a shirt, a skirt and a jacket, depending on what your stylist chooses for you. This means, you can expect 1-3 garments per looks plus 1 accessory!

What types of items can I expect in my StyleParcel?

As everyone’s personal style is varied, we offer a wide range of items. We’re growing and evolving rapidly so you can expect to see new items and and brands in your StyleParcel regularly. The only thing we are not yet offering are shoes!

How do I buy the items I received?

Simply return anything you don’t wish to keep and anything that isn’t in your return parcel that was in your original parcel, we will know you chose to keep it and we will debit your card for those items. If you choose to keep everything, we will know when we don’t receive anything back by your due date and we will debit your card for all of your items.

Why do I have to pay to keep items if I pay a subscription fee?

Your subscription fee covers the overhead costs of your stylist’s work, shipping and other factors that get your StyleParcel from StyleLab to your door step. It also covers the costs of renting the items, such as dry cleaning, if you don’t choose to keep them, which is one of StyleLab’s many sustainability initiatives.

Why is the item in my StyleParcel full price?

When an item is brand new and you are the first person to receive it, it is likely that StyleLab’s price to keep it will be the same as the RRP. This is also to respect the price set by the label who made your item. As an item is rented out more than once, we will offer a special StyleLab discount!

How do I remember when to return my StyleParcel?

Your return date will always be the same date each month but don’t worry if you forget! You can find this date on your LookBook but we will also send you an SMS reminder when the return date is coming up.

What if I send something back late?

If you forget to send something back or send it back late, don’t worry, we know life happens! We would have already charged your card for the item(s) but as long as we receive your return within 30 days of its due date, we will issue a refund of purchase credit back to your account.

Garment Care

How can I be sure my garments are clean?

Whenever items are returned to us, they are sent through a strict process of dry cleaning to ensure they meet our quality standards before being sent out again.

How do you clean earrings to ensure they are hygienic?

We disinfect all earrings with a hospital grade disinfectant when they are returned to us, to ensure they are sterile when sent out again.

Can I wash my items?

We understand that your garments made need a wash after wearing them a few times. If you would like to wash your items, please follow the washing instructions on the care label of the garment. If a care label instructs ‘dry clean only’ or ‘cold wash only’ please follow these instructions as garments may be damaged if washed with alternative methods. You subscriptions includes insurance up to $100 if you happen to damage any items.

Do I have insurance?

Yes! Included in your membership is insurance up to $100. If you happen to cause a small tear, lose a button, get a stain on your garment or damage the items you’ve received from us in anyway, we will cover the repairs at no extra cost to you, as long as it does not exceed $100. If it does, you simply pay the difference. If a garment is beyond repair, you will have to pay the RRP less $100. We will let you know and debit your card if either of these situations occur.


Are shipping costs included?

Shipping is always free (including returns!)

What are shipping times?

As a guide, you will always receive your StyleParcel at the same date of each month.

Shipping is provided by Australia Post and your first StyleParcel will vary based on your location. To estimate your delivery time, please refer to below:

Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide: 1-4 business days
Brisbane, Canberra, Geelong, Newcastle: 2-5 business days
Perth, Hobart, Darwin: 3-7 business days
Non Metro – VIC, NSW, SA: 3-7 business days
Non Metro – WA, TAS, QLD: 4-10 business days
Far North WA, Far North QLD and NT: 7-14 business days

Is express shipping available?

Certainly, please reach out to: admin@stylelab.world on the same day that you place your order and we can arrange this for you for a $10 fee


Do I choose my outfits?

Your qualified personal stylist will pick your outfits for you, so you don’t have to!

We recommend that you purchase at least “The Refresh” package to ensure that you have plenty of ways to mix and match your other items, as well as items already existing in your closet (your stylist will provide you with a guide on how best to style each piece)

Do I see the outfits before I receive them?

When we send your outfits to you, you will receive an email containing your own personalised LookBook, containing all your items and a guide on how to style your outfits.

Are the garments and accessories in my StyleParcel new or used?

They are a mix! New items are added into our rotation regularly as items are purchased from our parcels. Brand new items may be full RRP to purchase but used items will always be discounted. Reusing garments in our parcels is a key sustainability initiative to reduce, reuse and recycle, limiting waste from the fashion industry. However, any used item must past our strict quality control standards before being included in a parcel.

What happens if I do not like my outfit?

In the very unlikely event that you do not like what you have been sent, you can send your outfits back using the return packaging provided.

We recommend purchasing either “The Refresh” package or “The Platinum” package to ensure that this does not occur.

What brands can I expect in my StyleParcel?

We work with a large range of Australian labels and brands. You’ll recognise some of them as seen on Instagram or on celebrities but at StyleLab we’re really excited to be able to bring new, emerging labels to your wardrobe.

Can I request specific pieces?

You can leave a note for your stylist in your StyleQuiz when you update it each month and if the piece is available in our inventory, we will do our best to deliver it to you! The more detail you provide in your StyleQuiz, the better we can style to your individual taste. We recommend giving your stylist a clear idea of what types of pieces you’re looking for rather than a specific piece so that we can choose new items you’ll love.

What ages do you style?

Every StyleParcel is customised to fit your individual preferences and needs. We carry a wide range of styles which allows us to provide pieces that’ll be perfect for your personal style regardless of age! The only age range we are not yet styling is children.

What sizes can you style?

We currently carry Australian sizes 4 to 18. We’re always working towards an even more inclusive range of sizes so that we can deliver great styling to every woman.


How do I cancel?

Cancellations are easy, simply log in and press the cancel button on your dashboard.

Am I locked into a contract?

Absolutely not, you can easily cancel from your dashboard. Just make sure that you cancel at least one week before your parcel is due to avoid another month of subscription.